Practical Significance of Research Projects

1. An innovative medical technology of halotherapy with controlled clinical respiratory environment — dry fine sodium chloride aerosol — controlled halotherapy has been developed.

2. Development of a new generation of halogenerators, that are capable of generating and maintaining of dry salt aerosol concentration at pre-set level, and equipping halo-chambers and salt rooms with such devices.

3. Further development of controlled halotherapy, resulting in the possibility of selecting of the required parameters of DSA depending on the age of patient and type of disease. Ability to treat in the controlled aerosol environment. This solution ensures safety and high efficiency of the method.

4. Application of HT allows achieving the best clinical effect with keeping the doses of concurrent medication at an optimal level. It enables reducing of the duration of exacerbation and prolongs remission. Preventive application of controlled halotherapy lowers the risk of respiratory infections within an organized group of people (co-workers or co-eds).

5. A differential approach to the prescription of the parameters of controlled dry salt aerosol environment reduces undesirable side effects, increases treatment efficacy, expands indication-list for patients with severe forms of bronchopulmonary diseases, with ENT pathology, with skin diseases, in combined pathologies, and in pediatric practice.