XXVth Balneological Congress in Polanczyk, Poland

XXVth Balneological Congress in Polanczyk, PolandIn September 10-13, 2015 I participated in the XXVth Congress of the Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine. The Congress was held in the town Polańczyk, Poland. It is a beautiful tourist and recreational place in Southeast of the country, where there are quite a few sanatoriums and thermal stations. Meetings of the Congress were held in sanatorium ”Atrium”. Director of this resort Mr Koszałka had led a very informative tour of the wonderful surroundings of Polańczyk, and had acquainted us with therapeutic possibilities of its resorts.

Opening of International Session of XXVth Balneological Congress in Polanczyk, PolandFor many years the Polish Balneological Society was headed by Prof. Irena Ponikowska. She has enjoyed great prestige among Polish professionals and the international scientific community. In 2015, the management of the society was transferred to Dr.n.med. Jacek Chojnowski, a worthy successor of Professor Ponikowska. Dr. Chojnowski opened XXV Congress of Balneology. The Congress was supported by the organizers of the health-care of the Polish Republic. Professor Ponikowska very warmly welcomed and personally introduced all foreign participants of the Congress.

During the International session of the Congress, presentations were given by Professor Umberto Solimene (President of FEMTEC, Professor of State University of Milan, Italy), Prof. Dr.med. Zeki Karagülle (President of International Scientific Meeting of Medical Hydrology Balneology and Climatology (ISMH), Professor of Istanbul University, Turkey), as well as by researchers and physicians from Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Romania, Slovakia, and Nigeria.

International Session of XXVth Balneological Congress in Polanczyk, Poland

I gave the report “25 years of Halotherapy. Achievements and Prospects”. My presentation summarized the results of 25 years of studies and practical application of Halotherapy in Russia and then throughout the world. Halotherapy has a great potential for use. Thanks to the possibility of a differentiated approach, Controlled Halotherapy has the potential to be used in rehabilitation, balneology, at health resort, and wellness/spa industry. There is the great potential for the use of Halotherapy in children’s prevention and rehabilitation. Specialists are in need of determination of role and place of salt rooms and Halotherapy in European Balneology and Spa Resorts. The resume of presentation was published in Acta Balneologica: Prof. Dr.med. Alina Chervinskaya “25 years of Halotherapy. Achievements and Prospects”( 1.7 MB )

During the opening ceremony of the Congress, the presentation of a new book “Encyclopedia of Balneology and Medical Physiotherapy” took place. This is a great work of Polish experts led by Professor Ponikowska, which describes characteristics of the methods of balneology and physiotherapy, defines terminology. Part of the book devoted to the terminology is translated into English. It was a great honour for me to receive this work with dedication by Professor Irena Ponikowska.

An unforgettable atmosphere conducive to the exchange of knowledge, companionship with friends and colleagues was at the Congress. It was very nice to meet friends and colleagues and to make new friends. I would like to thank the organizers of the Congress for the perfectly arranged event.