Current Status, Problems, and Prospects of Halotherapy

Twenty years of experience has shown that halotherapy really works. Its effectiveness has been proven not only by authors and researchers (as sometimes is the case concerning usage of new methods), but also by thousands of experts who apply the method in practice.

Since 1995, we have used an innovative medical technology we developed: controlled halotherapy. Thanks to feedback technology, halogenerator controls the generation of salt aerosol in its on-line mode, which is supported by quantitative and qualitative information, considering the volume of the room, the number of patients in the room, and other factors affecting the salt aerosol concentration in the air.

Controlled halotherapy allows for differentiated metering and control of the level of salt aerosol when performing the treatment. This is very important, as it allows for objective treatment, which enhances the effectiveness and safety of the procedure and optimizes the length of each session.

Controlled halotherapy is authorized for medical use in Russia and the Baltic countries. The method was presented in textbooks for students and doctors and was included in the courses for the advanced training of physiotherapists and balneologists.

We have repeatedly presented our innovative technology for controlled halotherapy at scientific forums of the Russian Respiratory Society, the Russian Society of Paediatricians, the European Respiratory Society (ERS), the International Society of Medical Hydrology, Balneology, and Climatology (ISMH), International Society ‘Interasthma’, and at leading Russian and international exhibitions of medical and health equipment in Moscow, St. Petersburg, many other Russian cities, Richmond, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Bologna, and others.

The distinctive features of controlled halotherapy are 1) that its effects are scientifically based; 2) it provides the ability to choose and control the levels of salt aerosol, 3) and its clinical effectiveness is proven, as confirmed by numerous studies and practical uses in various medical fields: pulmonology, allergology, paediatrics, otorhinolaryngology, and dermatology. In Russia, controlled salt rooms have been installed in thousands of hospitals and clinics, businesses, nursery schools, schools, and rehabilitation and spa centers.

Salt rooms began appearing outside of Russia and the Baltic countries10-12years ago. As opposed to Russia, where the method was developed by scientists and doctors, another path of development can be observed in other countries.