Informational product HaloCARE™

«Practical experience of the Controlled Halotherapy application based on the results of clinical studies.»

Today, we live under chronic ecological stress. Our respiratory system carries the most massive burden on our health. This is due to our respiratory system having direct contact with harmful substances (pollutants) of our environment. Unfortunately, contaminants are all around us. They exist in the atmosphere of large cities, in the countryside, in offices, in industrial areas, virtually everywhere we go.

As a result, in the last years, we have seen a dramatic increase in diseases of the respiratory system such as obstructions in the lungs, asthma, infections, and respiratory triggered allergies. Same increase also affects skin problems. This is why it is necessary to undertake regular health improving procedures that will maintain our respiratory system on a healthy level, not waiting for the diseases to develop. We call such methods “respiratory hygiene.”

One of the most effective measures of respiratory hygiene is Controlled Halotherapy.

Years of research and practical experience with Controlled Halotherapy had allowed me to obtain a firm foundation for designing of therapeutic, health improvement and wellness programs for the correct application of dry salt aerosol. High efficiency and safety of our unique programs are obliged to the ability of equipment to control the parameters of dry salt aerosol any time during the Halotherapy procedures.

Ability to control dry salt aerosol’s concentration and developing plans for administering the processes had allowed us to maximize the effects and to adapt Controlled Halotherapy for different purposes. The technology can be used for people who already suffer from respiratory diseases, as well as for those who wish to improve their overall health and quality of life.

The results of our application of Controlled Halotherapy in various studies and research are being presented in informational products, which were developed by me jointly with Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy Kft. (Budapest, Hungary).

Informational product HaloCARE - «Practical experience of the Controlled Halotherapy application based on the results of clinical studies»

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