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In Russian Federation, the fall of 2012 was quite busy with medical events, where the issues and problematic of medical rehabilitation and prevention were discussed. I took part in some of them.

On September 24-26, Congress “Rehabilitation and Medical Spa 2012. Rehabilitation of Patients with Somatic Diseases” was held in Moscow, Russia. It was organized by the Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation. The congress was attended by hundreds of professionals in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation, doctors of different specialties (pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, etc.) coming from many regions of Russian Federation.

I have made two reports: J. A. Nakatis, A. V. Chervinskaya “Actual problems of early detection and rehabilitation of patients with pulmonary diseases”. The report reflects the importance of early detection of chronic lung disease and occupational diseases, and the need for timely preventive and rehabilitation measures. We presented the algorithm of “Lung Health Program”, which is implemented in a large medical facility – Clinical Hospital № 122 named after Sokolov of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia. The following capabilities of complex approaches, which apply physical factors, were considered: controlled halotherapy in salt room “Aeromed”; individual halotherapy using desktop halo-inhaler; bio-controlled air-ion therapy; inhalation physiotherapy; dosage oxygen therapy; usage of portable breathing aids; non-invasive lungs ventilation (CPAP, BiPaP); etc.

A. V. Chervinskaya “Relevant aspects of halotherapy in medical rehabilitation” Long-term experience in developing and application of saline microclimate indoors (in salt rooms and halo-chambers) allowed the significant improving the method of halotherapy and the equipment for its implementation. Since 1995, the innovative medical technology of halotherapy is being used – controlled halotherapy. Controlled halotherapy provides differential dosing of dry salt aerosol and constant control of its concentration level during the procedure, which improves the efficiency and safety of treatment and optimizes the terms of its indication. Possibility of selecting of dry salt aerosol concentration ensures adaptation of controlled halotherapy to various areas of medical rehabilitation and health improvement. The innovative technology allows for continuous automatic control and management of parameters of the microclimate and the halotherapy facility in whole. It is done using software-electronic system based on the interface with included optic-electronic indicator of salt aerosol concentration, specialized microcontroller, multifunction touch-control panel, and software system HaloCONTROL®.

On October 1-3, in southern Russia in Sochi The 4th International Congress “Health resort improvement, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with social important and occupational diseases” took place in clinical sanatorium complex “AquaLoo”. The Congress was organized by the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia. Under the guidance of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation “Federal Medical Biophysical Center named after A. I. Burnazyan”, the leading research institutions of Russia in the field of rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment have taken part in the Congress: Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneology of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Research Center of Balneology and Rehabilitation, Tomsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology of the Russian Ministry of Public Health.

I have made the report: A. V. Chervinskaya “Topical aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation in health resort care” The report reflected the topicality of the problem of respiratory diseases, their social-economic importance, the increase in respiratory rehabilitation needs, the need and importance of sanatorium care. A review of modern methods of respiratory rehabilitation, mechanisms of their action was considered. A special role was given to the methods, which use inhaled physical factors – controlled halotherapy, bio-controlled air-ion therapy, and hardware controlled aromatherapy. Scientific data of controlled halotherapy and other methods efficacy for different respiratory diseases in adults and children were presented.

On October 18-19, in St. Petersburg hosted the Congress of Physicians Physiotherapists “Physiotherapy – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow» dedicated to 125th anniversary of the Department of Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation of North-West Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov. The Congress was organized by the Public Health Committee of St. Petersburg, North-West Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), North-West State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov, North-West Physiotherapy Association, and Association of North-West Resorts. The Congress was attended by hundreds of doctors and scientists from different parts of Russia and the Baltic countries. There were considerable debates about the role of physical therapy and physical therapists doctors in medical rehabilitation. The undoubted importance of physical therapy in the prevention and rehabilitation and the need of the development of this branch in science and medical practice were stressed. I participated in the Congress as a speaker and moderator of one of the workshops.

During the Congress, I have made a report: A. V. Chervinskaya, N. B. Korchazhkina “Modern technologies of respiratory prevention and rehabilitation”.

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