Conference of Physicians in Yerevan, Armenia

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On May 6, 2013 the Conference of physicians dedicated to topical issues of application of halotherapy in Armenia was hosted in Yerevan. 

The first salt room where controlled halotherapy was applied, was opened in Yerevan in October 2011. Since that time,  definite positive experience of controlled halotherapy application was obtained.

Lecture "Controlled Halotherapy in Medical Practice"

Lecture “Controlled Halotherapy in Medical Practice”

The doctors of different specialties who were interested in this new for Armenia method of halotherapy have attended the Conference. I have given a lecture “Controlled Halotherapy in Medical Practice”, which described mechanisms of action of halotherapy, its efficiency  and experience of its application in Russia and other countries.  I was pleased that physicians (internists, pulmonologists, TB-doctors, pediatricians, ENT-specialists) have shown great interest in the practical application of halotherapy.

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Definition of the Controlled Halotherapy, dry salt aerosol, mechanisms of action, efficiency, and realization.

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